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We like clever ideas – love them. We love the thinking behind them more. One simple idea, thought through & beautifully executed, out-classes all complexity.


What’s a digital agency? Are you robots?

Of course not, to really understand what a client, an audience and a market needs, requires humans. Our digital agency provides website design, business solutions, graphic design, print production and 3d visualisation, all under one roof.

You see, we think design is rooted in commerce just as much as art, and only works when it serves both. And that one simple idea, thought through and beautifully executed, out-classes all complexity. You won’t get that from a robot.

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Aramco Overseas Corporate Film
Aramco Overseas Corporate Film

22 children, 1 boat, 1 truck, a plane and a life size tree house

Shelves high RGB
Metal Office, Branding and Web Design

September 3, 2014

Olympus Automation
Olympus Automation Multi Disciplined Project

Business solutions tool, enabling improved productivity.

T London, Website Design and Product CGI

January 6, 2015

Aramco Overseas Company industrial cup of tea
Aramco Overseas Company Infographic

Industrial Cup of Tea, Infographic Design.

Airline Infographic
Oil Airways Infographic Design

Informative infographic

Yorkshire triangle web
Noble Isle Website Design & Communication

Website Design & Development, Online Brand Development, Social Media & Email Marketing.

"It would be difficult to put into words just how amazing Dhub is! But a few that come to mind include: adaptable, reliable, versatile and friendly. We’ve heard of the concept of going above and beyond…and then there’s Dhub. In a class of their own."

− Kimberly Groat, Brand Editor, Aramco Overseas Company

"Utterly amazing! You hit the nail on the head with the animation, thank you so much!"

− Buffalo Technology

"Dhub has been invaluable to our enterprise across Europe. Their knowledge, expertise and above all their nimble flexibility to work to fluid scopes and briefs coupled with tight timelines really impressed us. The focus, commitment and dedication has been amazing and they keep challenging us by pushing ideas and novel concepts forward."

− Fahad Toryf, Aramco Overseas Company

"The Dhub team are a talented bunch and nice people to work with. They put a lot of thought and craft into the work and will always give the job everything it takes to get to a beautiful and effective end product. We've enjoyed working with them!"

− Dean Brauer, Marketing Director, goHenry

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3D in Healthcare

Using 3D visualisation in the classroom

| 3d Visualisation, Dhub | No Comments

3D visualisation technologies have found a wide range of applications, from medicine and architecture to engineering and advertising. Now, educators are increasingly switching on to the potential they hold in the classroom. The suite of new technologies has already been…

Brand Reach on Facebook

How to deal with the decline of Brand Reach on Facebook

| Dhub, Online Marketing | No Comments

Facebook used to be a great way to reach new prospects. Posts published on Brand pages would be served to a large number of potential customers. This ‘organic’ reach was a tremendously valuable source of leads. Unfortunately, it has been…


Premium wine website becomes a premium wine website

| Branding, Graphic Design, Online Marketing, Website Design | No Comments

South African Premium Winery Journey’s End have appointed Dhub to provide a highly creative website to further establish them as a leader of Premium Wines in South Africa. Journey’s End are a part of the “Premium Independent Wineries of South…

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 21.11.08

Infin8 is welcomed into the Dhub family

| Branding, Dhub, Graphic Design, Online Marketing, Website Design | One Comment

We are delighted to announce that new promotional company Infin8 Management have appointed Dhub as their brand and website development agency. At the point of writing this we are in the process of finalising the website design that will appear…