Commercial office interior visuals

If it’s real we’ll reproduce it, if it isn’t, we’ll create it. Our 3D visualisation and CGI makes certain every shadow, surface and subtle shade gets mistaken for the real thing.

Visuals to market property

We work closely with a number of architects and interior designers, so we know what is needed when marketing a new build or development.

Bringing products to life

We can produce what should be seen or what could be seen, combining 3D modelling & post production.


Our 3D visualisation portfolio

It’s always sunny in CGI land. The shadows are always sharp and the surfaces shiny. But perfection takes time, and hard graft, and a willingness to get our hands digitally dirty. We’ve streamlined the process, making the sure the results are more predictable, that the time spent is spent wisely and that the outcome is always out of this world.

Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover Animation

Walk Through Animation for a Pitch Proposal.

Francis Crick Institute Breakout
Francis Crick Institute

A series of images for the Francis Crick Institute.

Rhizome desk lamp final
Rhizome Desk Lamp

Product Visualisation With Intricate detail & Camera Effects.

Pringle Brandon cgi
Pringle Brandon Atrium Space

Large scale, conceptual interior 3D visuals

Technogym cgi
Technogym Reception Area

Interior 3D Visuals

Nike Store B

Images for one of Nike’s flagship stores

Century Office Roomset1
Century Office Equipment

20 products images on a white backgrounds

Furniture Depot cgi
Unite The Union Reception, Cafe & Offices

Office and reception interior 3D visuals

Aleph Capital cgi
Aleph Capital Hedge Fund Offices

Interior 3d visuals with digital room sets and isometric floorplans

Qatar Public Prosecution Reception
Qatar Public Prosecution

3D images for Qatar Public Prosecution

Oracle Atrium

Oracle’s new office building

Exchange tower
Exchange Tower Offices

Interior 3D Visuals with Bespoke Items.

3D Nectar Product Visual
For Goodness Shakes

Product modelled from technical drawings for R&D and advertising

Bishopgate office
Bishopsgate Office for Marketing

Openplan 3D visuals created for marketing use

Final Roomset Alpha Modern A001
Britannia Living

3D Visuals of a Wide Range of Products & Interiors

Screens at work
Screens at Work Products & Interiors

Product 3D visualisation for brochures & online

Banking Restaurant
French Investment Bank

Visuals for the new offices of a French Investment Banking company.

Watson house cgi
Towers Watson Reception & Atrium

Interior 3D visuals produced in 3 days from photography & plans

HLW office for BMW
BMW Openplan Offices & Atrium

Interior 3d visuals with modelled BMW cars & motorcycles

Eximius cgi
Eximius Reception & Office Areas

Interior 3D visuals with integrated people for realism

Jack Wills cgi
Jack Wills Store Fronts

Architectural 3D visualisation of 3 EMEA stores for local approval

Mermaid Maternity Retreat cgi
Mermaid Maternity Retreat for Mums to be

Interior 3D visuals for marketing purposes

Olympus Automation
Olympus Automation Product Animation

Business solutions tool, enabling improved productivity

In-Trin-Sic-MBNA View 1

A series of image for MBNA

Allen Bell WorldPay 2

Reception and cafe area visuals

Pall Mall cgi
Pall Mall Cigarette Product Modelling

Product 3D visualisation for R&D of packaging

SAE Navitas cgi
SAE Navitas Reception & Meeting Room

3d visualisation for an interior fit out pitch

komac smith scence
Komac Products & Interiors

Product visualisation for brochures & online

Aramco Overseas Company refinery cgi
Deep Sea Port & Refinery

3D Visuals of the Ports & Infrastructure.

Fire station cgi
London Fire Brigade Exteriors for Planning

A series of 3D visuals for local planning consent

Claughtons Camerton Axis
Claughton Office Equipment

Created over 10 images of interior room sets

Frem cgi
Frem Office Furniture Solutions for Product Brochures

Interior 3D visuals of a range of designer environments for use in print and online

Buffalo Thumb
Buffalo Technologies

3D Visual of a the sergeant major created by us for Buffalo

BDO cgi
BDO Office

Interior 3D visuals of a bespoke reception and openplan offices

Hanover Square 2
Hanover Square

Office Marketing Visuals

Final lounge
Kew Bridge Promotion Suite

Interior residential 3D visuals for marketing brochure and website

Aramco Overseas Company refinery
Company 3D Animation

Corporate Video/ Animation produced on behalf of Aramco Overseas Company

Microsoft cgi
Microsoft Atrium, Offices and Play Spaces

Static shots & walk through animation of Microsoft R&D Centre in Cambridgeshire, UK

CGI for hanover street
Hanover Street Offices & Meeting Rooms

Office interior 3D visuals for a client pitch

HLW Reception
Waiting Area and Reception

3D visuals for both a waiting area and reception.

Wordsearch cgi
Wordsearch Office With 3d Model of London

Openplan 3D visuals created for marketing use with a model of London

You choose the price for your 3d visuals.

At last a 3d visual solution that can meet your exact needs, with complete transparency. Our years of experience have not only served us well in our ability to create amazing images and understand our clients needs but also to understand that every visual doesn’t need to be worthy of a brochure…

Fast & Effective

£ 250

Per Image
  • Fast turnaround
  • Ideal for pricing documents
  • High resolution, print ready render
  • Single day turnaround
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£ 450

Per Image
  • Room set environment
  • Highly detailed
  • High resolution, print ready render
  • Based upon actual products
  • Discount for multiple views
  • Two day turnaround
  • Ideal for high value pitches
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Highly Detailed

£ 590

Per image
  • Room set environment
  • Photo realistic lighting
  • Real people
  • High resolution, print ready render
  • Based upon actual products
  • Discount for multiple views
  • Ideal for marketing material
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We also produce animations & walk throughs, these are priced on a project by project basis, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call for a competitive quotation.

*All prices are exclusive of VAT.

3D visuals in iPad

Really real interiors

There’s a really good reason our interior renders look every bit as real as the real thing. Care. And lots of it.

If you want a picture people believe they can walk right into, you have to make sure every last surface, every brick, every upholstered button on every last designer chair is as realistic and as convincing as it can be. That’s why detail is so important, and why we spend so much time to get it right.

Because if it doesn’t look right, it isn’t.

Product visualisation - Nectar fuel kit

Product Visualisation

What does perfection look like? It looks like one of our product visualisations. We take your imagination and make it flesh, perfect in every detail and super realistic. From FMCG packaging to upmarket perfume bottles and everything you can dream of in between.

We have to make it look like you can pick it of the shelf, or buy it of the page, or place it in your home. It’s not just a representation; in many cases it is the product until the real thing is available. So we’ll use terms like tactile and smooth, terms that describe how a product feels just as much as how it looks. Just to makes sure it looks perfect every time.

3D Visuals for planning

In committee rooms and planning meetings, in village halls and public enquiries, multi-million pound decisions hang on the persuasive power of our planning renders. There are no short cuts here, just millimetre perfect representations of what might be.

Our planning renders will be pored over, questioned, queried and contested. So they simply have to be right, have to be honest and have to be true. For we know their power lies in the way they take an imagined, but for many hard to visualise, world and make it a real and unthreatening place.

Why us?

Ok, so we work with some of the world’s largest design practices, product developers and PR agencies to create some truly great images – but what does that mean in reality, in our unreal world?

Product Designers light icon

Product Designers

A tweak here, a change of finish there, we know the difference a subtle touch of shadow can make. So we work with you to make sure our renders match your clients’ expectations and your intentions.

Photographers camera icon


If it can’t be photographed, even if it doesn’t exist, we’ll still make sure you get your shot. We’d never pretend to rival photography for reality – we know too many photographers too well to claim that – but an eye for composition puts us ahead of the pack.

Interior Designers house icon

Interior Designers

It doesn’t matter where your imagination takes you, it doesn’t even matter if your chosen finishes can’t be found – we’ll find a way to make them real. We create images that live in a world of light and space and movement.

Photography or 3D Visuals?

It’s not just about cost and time, it’s about the end result, but we’d be fools to say cost and time don’t matter. Here’s a rule of thumb, rough as you like, comparison…

Photography cost and duration

Rental of studio space and props: £11,000.00
Photographer and assistant: £8,700.00
Retouching work: £6,200.00
Total cost: £25,900.00
Duration: 4 weeks

Visualisation cost and duration

2 x experienced CGI artists: £5,200.00
Rendering of images: £800.00
Post production work: £1,040.00
CGI: £7,040.00
Duration: 1.5 weeks

Canon EO5 650D camera
Sitting man professionally shot

Real people

We put recognisably real people in our renders. Professionally shot and sourced from royalty-free photo libraries so you can use them in advertising they add an extra dimension and a human touch.

"Dhub are easy to brief, offer an excellent service at a competitive price. It’s always a delight to review their work and our products have never looked so good. Thank you to the Team at Dhub."

− Nick Turner, Managing Director Screens at Work

"We've engaged Dhub on a number of projects in the last five years and are fantastic to work with. They are creative, collaborative and most importantly professional. They have worked with us to develop some amazing animations and static CGIs that really capture our design intent and enable our clients to see the potential of their new spaces."

− Kate Vine, Associate Principal Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will

"Thank you for all your efforts in completing the various projects for Workplace Creations, it has been a pleasure working with the Dhub Team and creating some exciting interiors for Workplace Creations in some very short project timelines! Dhub have helped Workplace Creations to grow and have become a key part of the team"

− Ross Wilkinson, Workplace Creations Ltd

"We have been using Dhub for a number of years and they have always provided us with high quality, photo realistic renders and presentation visuals. The team are great to work with, helping to fill in any creative gaps during the briefing process, working intuitively by understanding our needs and matching the resulting work perfectly."

− Stuart Collyer, Task Systems

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