Commercially creative graphic design

We’re old school. We don’t think pretty is enough - not nearly enough. Graphic design has a job to do, to engage, to communicate and get a hard commercial job done.

Our latest design creations

We make attention-seeking ads, brochures that define companies and products, posters that make you stop and stare, publications people want to read, and everything else in-between.

Superdrug Thumbnail Image By Dhub

In store & online collateral creators and brand guardians

FC Exchange Thumb
FC Exchange

Complete brand development and guardianship

Alaela Print Publication Thumbnail
Alaela Retiree’s Magazine

Bi Annual Publication, Design & Printed In House


Ongoing campaign support material

Saudi Aramco

Prestigious Global board meeting collateral

Fruit Diary Thumb
Sheikh Al Thani Of Gatar His Personal Gift

Luxurious diary design and print production

D:Web SitesDhub2015wwwroot/wp content/uploads/2016/02/NOQU Thumb

NOQU offers a fully-integrated, hyper-responsive and fully customisable ordering solution with the power to take your restaurant to the next level.

Les Mills

High energy, informative, interior wall graphics

Publication design and print

Publication Design and Print

We like every publication we produce to create a relationship – a dialog between reader and publisher.

That makes each edition something they want to read, look forward to and enjoy. That takes time and it takes care, but it’s what it takes to make our publications so successful.

Dhub airline infographic


Pastel colours and block typefaces do not an infographic make. Not in our book anyway. If they don’t add to the argument, if they don’t make complex matters clear, if they don’t aid understanding, aren’t they just illustrations unworthy of the name?

Until we get deep into the data and understand the story it really tells, we won’t do a thing. That may mean hours studying spreadsheets, it may mean time spent asking questions about production processes, then asking them again until we’re entirely clear. But it does mean the results are every bit as informative as they are elegant.

And that your infographics tell the story you want them to tell.


It’s 8.30pm. It’s raining, it’s dark and we’re damn sure we should be home. Then the phone rings and everything changes. There’s a lot of nonsense talked about dedication in this business, and a lot of promises made, so we’ll just say this.

This is our business, it matters to us, we will put in the extra unexpected hours to make certain the job gets done, we will be the ones in a late night taxi clutching printers’ proofs and we will forgo a little sleep if a little loss of sleep is all it takes. And we have the pizza delivery menus to prove it.

Team Integration icon

Team Integration

Around here, everything is everybody’s job. So if you call, and the person you need isn’t around to help, there will always be someone who will. You’ll always get an answer, and we’ll always get the job done.

Eye icon for Brand Guardians

Brand Guardians

We keep an eye out, and don’t let anything out that isn’t brand-perfect – even when it’s not our project. That’s why many of our clients rely on us to be brand guardians, to keep their brands brand new.

Heart passion icon


It’s an over-used word, but none better. We are passionate, we do care, and we do get upset when we can’t deliver our very best. Too emotional? Perhaps, but it’s what’s kept us at the top of our game for so long.

dhub pencil sketching for design

2b or not 2b

We’re definitely 2b folks. Most of our best ideas start with nothing more than a pad of paper and a medium sharp pencil. We sketch out ideas and we share them with you. That’s because it’s the idea that counts, and if the idea can’t be expressed by a pencil sketch on a single sheet of A4 – it’s probably not that good an idea. And no amount of Photoshopping changes that.

Colour diagrams

Hungry for knowledge

We like colour, of course we do, but what you see is not always what you think, it’s our job to know when to use the right colours, to know what settings make your material perform best.

But, we also feel it is our job to keep you informed, to let you know the principles behind what we do. Be it a logo, a website, a brochure or a simple stationery print order. Because with our knowledge and your understanding we can create awesome design.

"Dhub makes Champion and Champion’s clients look sexy. Whether it is bringing a story to life through an infographic or building an online presence for a brand, the process is always fun and exceeds our expectations."

− Richard Cook, Owner & Founder, Champion Communications

"The team at Dhub are always on hand to help with all things creative, regardless of timescale or size. They produce online apps, design and print event materials and send email campaigns for Virgin Media, Häagen-Dazs and London Underground on our behalf. The stuff they produce is always excellent quality, well thought through and is always delivered on time."

− Cara Norden, Account Executive

"Azzurro has worked with Dhub since 2009 and we just keep coming back. They understand our market and what we want to say and their creativity and ideas are refreshing and exciting. We have complete confidence in Dhub that they will deliver something outstanding and unique and it is always a very pleasurable experience working with James and his colleagues."

− Moira Bain, Managing Director, Azzurro Ltd

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